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Protecting Your Future / While you Build ours
Protecting Your Future / While you Build ours
Protecting Your Future / While you Build ours
Protecting Your Future / While you Build ourse
Protecting Your Future / While you Build ours
Protecting Your Future / While you Build ours

Educational Fund

Training Programs

Service Fitter Training

The Service Fitter Training Program consists of three years of trade related classroom and laboratory training totaling a minimum of 208 hours per year. It is designed to insure that the technician learns the basic skills of the trade, including the use and care of tools and equipment, the ability to install and service heating, ventilating, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, and any other work that is part of the Service Fitting Industry.

In order to qualify for technician training the applicant must take an aptitude test administered by the Service Fitter Training Program and be interviewed and approved by an employer trustee and union trustee committee or a committee designated by the trustees to interview candidates for enrollment. The number of positions available is limited and varies from time to time.

Service Fitter classes are formed in September and January of each year. In order to be eligible the applicant must be employed and sponsored by an employer who is covered by the collective bargaining agreement and makes payment to the Educational Fund. The applicant may apply for enrollment by completing an application form, which can be obtained from and returned to the Service Fitter Training Center, 48-03 32nd Place, Long Island City, NY 11101-2517 (telephone number 718- 885-8825).

Advanced Training

The Service Fitter Training Center also conducts an Advanced Training program that provides service technicians the continuing opportunity to develop and expand their ability to provide superior quality service. Details regarding the courses and programs are available from the Service Fitter Education Center.

You are eligible to apply for advanced training if you are working at the Service Fitting trade for employers who are obligated to contribute to the Service Fitters’ Educational Fund. You may apply by contacting the Director of Training, Thomas Goodwin, at the Service Fitter Training Center. Service Fitters’ are assigned to advanced training in the order in which they apply.

The Educational Fund reserves the right to terminate the participation of any Service Technician in any Educational Fund program for any reason the Educational Fund deems appropriate.

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