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Pension Fund

Plan Membership and Years of Service

Eligibility For Participation

When do I become a participant in the Plan?

You become a participant in the Plan either on the date you complete 1,000 hours of credit with a contributing employer within the 12-month period following your date of employment, or, at the beginning of a fiscal year when you first complete 1,000 hours of credited service.

Participation will continue unless your service credits are cancelled by any of the following events, whichever first occurs:

· You suffer a Permanent Break in Service before you become vested in the Plan.
· You should die prior to retirement.

What is an hour of service?

An hour of service is each hour you work in covered employment for which an Employer has agreed to contribute to the Plan under a collective bargaining agreement with the Union.

How do I earn a year of service?

If you work 1,000 hours or more in covered employment within a fiscal year, you will receive one year of service credit.  If you work at least 900 but less than 1,000 hours, you will receive 1/2 year of service credit.  Or, if you work at least 450 but less than 900 hours, you will receive 1/4 year of service credit.