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Steven Cuadra, Director of Education (718) 885-8820

Kathleen Hertel, Building Trades Steamfitters (718) 885-8827

Margarita Velez, Metal Trades Servicefitters (718) 885-8825

Training Center Address: 48-03 32nd Place, Long Island City, NY 11101




 Site Safety Training Cards must be renewed every 5 years BEFORE the expiration date. Per NYC Department of Buildings, there is NO GRACE PERIOD. You must complete the refresher courses, apply, and obtain your renewed card BEFORE your old card expires. If you do not have the new card in hand before your old card expires, you will have to complete all 40 (worker) or 62 (supervisor) hours of training again.



  • 10 Hour SST Bundle, 8 Hour Refresher, 16 Hour Refresher, 8 Hour Refresher (Spanish)


    Go to the website above and choose the appropriate class from the banner. Click "Buy Now" to purchase and begin classes. The discount code will be automatically applied. An itemized "Registration Confirmation" will be emailed to you. A copy of this receipt is REQUIRED for reimbursement. Upon completion of the courses, contact the Training Center to obtain a new SST card and apply for reimbursement.

  • OSHA 30 Safety Training and Certification.  The OSHA 30 Online Certification is available free of charge for union members, you must call or send an email to be registered.

***It is the responsibility of each member to keep track of their SST expiration date and to sign up for refresher training

If you wish to register for any of the below classes, please call Kathleen Hertel at (718) 885-8827 or email:  khertel@steamny.com


§  Automatic Sprinkler Systems – One night a week for 16 weeks

§  AutoCAD

§  Condensing Boilers – Two-night course (NOT part of the HW Heating Course).

§  Drafting and Blueprint Reading – One night a week for 20 weeks

§  Flagger Certification – One night course

§  Geothermal HVAC/Heat pumps/Intro to VRF’s – Three night course

§  Hot Water Heating Systems – One night a week for 7 weeks

§  ICRA Awareness (Infection Control Risk Assessment) - Two night course

§  16 Hour Rigging Worker Course (NYC Department of Buildings Approved) - 4 night course

§  8 Hour Refresher Course for the 16 Hour Rigging Worker card - 2 night course

§  Scaffolding Certification – Four hour course (NYC Department of Buildings Approved)

§  Steam Technology Introduction - One night a week for 7 weeks

§  Tube Bending- One night a week for 4-6 weeks

§  Construction Supervisor Certificate - This is a five-course program given online from the UA University. For details go to http://www.wccnet.edu/unions/construction-supervision/


WELDING:  Building Trades Members who want to sign up for the below welding courses should call Kathleen Hertel at (718) 885-8827

§  Welding Classes –  

*Stick (SMAW)

*TIG (GTAW) must have current SMAW certification test

*UA18 Orbital Tube Fusion – 4 Saturday Classes Must have current GTAW qualification test

*UA21 2” XXH Carbon Steel Pipe - 4 evening classes and then test. Must have current SMAW certification test

§  Welding – Pipe Certification Test

§  Welder/Brazing Continuity Dates: October 18th, 2023

§  Copper Connections

 To put your name on the list for the below listed courses, please call Margarita—Metal Trades Service Technicians Line at (718) 885-8825 or email: mvelez@steamny.com

 §  New Certification Course:  Next Generation of Low GWP Refrigerants – A2L Mildly Flammable Refrigerants Certification Course. 3 evening sessions including test.  Laptop computer is required.  Certification Diploma will be issued upon passing grade on examination.

§  UA Star Mastery Examination:  Metal Trades Technicians wishing to take the prep courses and exam must have a minimum of five years of documented work experience installing and servicing HVACR equipment and piping systems.

§  Introduction to Refrigeration – One night a week for 10 weeks (CFC Prep)

§  CFC/ EPA Examination


 Please Note:  All classes are scheduled according to participation and availability.  All members should have their book number and cell phone number handy when calling the Training Center.